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Tracy Colson, BSW RSW

Like many of you, I have been faced with numerous challenges throughout my life and I strongly believe these experiences are what helps me connect on a deeper level with the people I work with. I could tell you that I am fully qualified to offer the services I do – I have over ten years experience as a social worker in mental health and addictions counselling, I have a certification in cybercounseling, I completed a personal trainer certification program, and I have a plethora of continuing education courses – and while this information is important, it doesn’t give you much information about who I am and what I have to offer you personally.So who am I?  A comprehensive list of all my achievements and my (many) shortcomings would take me a decade to write.  So instead here is a list of things I love that’ll give you the gist of things.

–Lists. Making lists. Crossing things off my lists. Organizing things in list form.

–Traveling. Myself and my husband got married in Thailand -we traveled the country for three glorious weeks and fell in love with South East Asia. We have also been to Mexico, and Jamaica. We have driven across Canada and back more times than anyone probably should, and have visited the United States several times.  Before I was married I also traveled to Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, and Cuba.  We have so many places on our wish list to see over the coming years.     

–Dogs (well most animals actually). I opened a pet sitting business where I board dogs in my home in 2016 when I first moved to Fort McMurray. I love my clients dogs as if they were my own. We adopted a senior boy a couple of years ago that has just completed our home.–Food. I started struggling with my weight in Grade 9. I love food but used it for emotional reasons for almost a decade: when I was sad I would eat to feel better and when I was happy I would eat to celebrate. This coping strategy led me down the slippery slope of secretive binge eating – not just overeating but eating to the point of physically feeling so uncomfortable and bloated I would only ever 

do it after my boyfriend was gone to bed. I would feel guilty, speak negatively to myself, and I’d promise myself I wouldn’t do it again… until of course I was triggered by something the next day which would start the cycle of binging all over again. By the age of 23 I found myself at a very uncomfortable weight and was miserable.  The following ten years were spent understanding my eating habits, working on improving my coping strategies, and increasing my physical activity.  I have worked on repairing my relationship with food and my body, and understand what it feels like to be “stuck”.

–Exercise.  When I found the sport of weightlifting it made me feel strong, capable, and healthy.  It is now one of my first strategies I use for emotional regulation.

–Crafts and artsy things.  I wouldn’t be able to paint a picture on a blank canvas to save my life, but paint-by-numbers and diamond-dotz kits are my jam. I can turn off the world for a while and concentrate on the intricate designs. 

–Coffee. Ok, confession, I really wanted to type Wine there because I think I love that just a little bit more.  But coffee is good too. 

The success of therapy is often determined by how good the relationship is between you and the person you are working with.  You want to make sure that your personality, values & beliefs match up to create a strong foundation for the hard work ahead.  I offer a free 15 minute consult where we can chat to see if we would make a good team to work together!  


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